Advance Care Planning


Advance care planning is the act of making a plan now about the kind of care you want later in life. You make an advance care plan in case something happens to you and you can't talk or make decisions about your own care later. It is important to share your advance care plan with others so that they can make the right decisions about your treatment in case you can't.

Making an advanace care plan involved thinking about what is important to you in life and how this may affect the kind of health care you would want to receive. It is NOT about planning for every specific health problem that could happen to you as you get older.

Here are some questions to think about when you are making an advance care plan:

  • What makes your life meaningful?
  • What do you value most about your health?
  • If you were sick, what would be important for others to know?
  • When you think about dying, what do you worry about?

Once you have answered these questions, you are well on your way to having an advance care plan!

These questions help you and others understand what is important to you in life and in the kind of care you get. These questions, and others, are part of an advance care planning workbook by an organization called "Speak Up". You can fill out the workbook and give it to your family, friends or doctors so that they know what matters to you at the end of life.

There is lots of helpful information on the Speak Up website. Here are a few things you would look at: