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Launching Quality


In an interest to bring care that is focused on the individual needs of the patient, The Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario (AFHTO) launched a new initiative early in 2014 to help family health team’s measure their performance. Measuring performance helps teams in the province demonstrate the value of patient-centered, relationship-based comprehensive primary care. It helps team’s fulfill the commitment to their patients to find the gaps locally and provincially so there is greater attention to working together to improve the system. 


Monique Hancock, Executive Director, of the STAR Family Health Team, who Chairs the AFHTO, Indicators Working Group (IWG), undertook an extensive consultation process with teams across the province, to look at key indicators for performance.  This  is the first step in advancing manageable, meaningful measurement in primary care.  Monique and her team had the opportunity to present a summary report on 11 indicators at the October 2014 AFHTO conference to a very receptive audience, ready to get on board with moving data to decision.  


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