Diabetes Prevention Program Follow Up

Program Type: Prevention Programs

For patients who have completed our Diabetes Prevention Program, this follow up program will provide education and group discussion on various topics about nutrition and/or physical activity. 

We will also be offering optional ongoing monitoring of:

  • Weight
  • Waist circumference
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugars
  • Cholesterol
  • Food intake
  • Activity

All measurements will be compared to personal targets.



3-Day Food Record

Activity Log


Sessions will be offered 4 times per year. Please take a look at our Programs Calendar to see when the next sessions are scheduled. 

Online registration is not available for this program. Please call Amanda at 519-655-2322 for more information or to let us know you are interested. 

Requires Physician Referral: No
Prerequisites: Completion of the Diabetes Prevention Program