Prevention Programs

Prevention Programs

Bone Health (community program)

Program Type: Prevention Programs


Now open to the community this 4-week program, provided in partnership by OneCare, VON, STAR Family Health Team, the Perth District Health Unit, and Osteoporosis Canada, offers information on lifestyle strategies to maintain bone health and prevent fractures. Nutritional snacks will be provided ($5.00).


Is this program for me?

  • Are you interested in learning more about better bone health?
  • Have you been diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia?
  • Has your doctor suggested taking vitamins or visiting a dietitian regarding your bone health?
  • Are you interested in making lifestyle changes to maintain your bone health?

Why should I attend this program?

You will learn about Osteoporosis and risk factors, the role of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices, action planning and how to live well with Osteoporosis, the role of medications/supplements.


Please call 1-877-502-8277 and ask for the registration department to enroll in the next available session.


Requires Physician Referral: No
Prerequisites: None

Diabetes Prevention Program

Program Type: Prevention Programs

"My sugars dropped to a normal range - not sure that would have happened if I did not attend the sessions - so well worth it!"


Are you interested in reducing your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes? 


The Prediabetes Education Program consists of monthly nutrition and physical activity sessions (2 hours per session) and interactive hands-on activities to help you gain knowledge and skills.


What will I gain from participating in this program?

  • Access to 7 months of free healthy lifestyle education sessions,
  • Opportunities to take part in a variety of physical activities,
  • Opportunities to sample healthy snacks,
  • Access to health professionals – Registered Dietitian, physical activity specialists, etc.,
  • Monitoring and individual feedback on blood sugars, cholesterol, diet and activity habits,
  • Self-management skill building.


3-Day Food Record

Activity Log


This program is offered once a year. You will be asked to see the dietitian before the first session to gather some baseline information, therefore registration must be done before the first of the 7 session dates.

Please call Amanda at 519-655-2322 to enroll in this program.

Requires Physician Referral: No
Prerequisites: Must be a patient of STAR who has been diagnosed with prediabetes, impaired fasting glucose (IFG), or impaired glucose tolerance (IGT)

Diabetes Prevention Program Follow Up

Program Type: Prevention Programs

For patients who have completed our Diabetes Prevention Program, this follow up program will provide education and group discussion on various topics about nutrition and/or physical activity. 

We will also be offering optional ongoing monitoring of:

  • Weight
  • Waist circumference
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugars
  • Cholesterol
  • Food intake
  • Activity

All measurements will be compared to personal targets.



3-Day Food Record

Activity Log


Sessions will be offered 4 times per year. Please take a look at our Programs Calendar to see when the next sessions are scheduled. 

Online registration is not available for this program. Please call Amanda at 519-655-2322 for more information or to let us know you are interested. 

Requires Physician Referral: No
Prerequisites: Completion of the Diabetes Prevention Program